Trade-in Club

■ Please bring the club that you wanted to do for the trade in 
■ IC Card or Passport is also required to confirm the identity 



■ To check if there is a broken parts and damage from the club.

 The thing that we check is ;

■ Deformation of club ■ Degree of wear of grip
■ Whether the club head is scratched, etc.



■ After that we will check with our system based on Japanese market and inform the price to you.



■ If you confirm with the price given, you can sign the document for confirmation and we are able to give the cash on the spot. If the shop not so busy, the trade in able to get it done with only 10 minute. Feel free to visit us anytime 

Precautions when purchasing and visiting

■ Copy product cannot be purchased

■ Damaged items and parts cannot be purchased individually

The club that we get from Trade-in now will be selling in J Golf Shop and will be refurbish to look good as new one 

The process includes cleaning, removing dirt and normal maintenance by the staff members