Rental Club in J golf

◆ID or Passport is required for us to identity your info.

※1 We will confirm it by checking and make a photostat copy of your ID/Passport

※2.Many golf course in Malaysia are forcibly enrolled in golfer insurance when playing in case of something happened.
But some golf course don't have that as mandatory but we are recommended for you to take it just in case something happened.

◆First is to decide how long you going to use it for it, you can choose to use it for 1 day or up to 8 days depends on your preference

◆Please pay the fee exactly on the rental time 

● Here is the example of the J Golf Rental Club Fee 


1) Please come to our Shop


2)You can choose check the Set available for the rent 


3) Proceed to the Staff/Cashier 


4) Checking the Club